I am a big fan of the sea, the beach and spectacular sunsets. I lived on the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean for about a year. Being one in nature and near the sea is still one of my favorite things to photograph. I have been on a skateboard since childhood and have since switched to longboarding after severeal years. But this also includes wakeboarding and kite surfing. Capturing this active lifestyle is not only a relaxing moment for myself, it is also a challenge every time to show the action, nature and beauty in one piece of image. In 2016 I shot the best weather photo of the Netherlands according to RTL Nieuws and EditieNL. In the end anyone can take pictures regardless of your $2000 – camera or expensive lenses. You have to see a photo before it happens, capture it and make sure every photo you shoot is unique. If you want tot work together you can contact me anytime. But for now get your gear and start shooting today and enjoy!